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TSA issues and poor ATL security

Okay, so I am in White Plains, NY. I am about to catch a flight to Atlanta, computer bag  in one hand, lap top in the other. I am closely watched by the TSA agents, almost to the point where I want to say “what’s up?” I put my bag through the x-ray machine and they call out “bag check.”And, “sir, can you take your belt off, it needs to go through x-ray.”

My bag is scanned again, then taken by an agent and opened. Once I go through the metal detector, I am patted down and go to my open bag. The agent pulls out my carry on approved toiletries, and tells me that I need to take them out of the bag before it goes through the x-ray machine.

Fast forward to the next week, when I am in Atlanta airport, going through security. I have the same things, with me, but  I do not take out my toiletries. The bag goes through with no problem, and I even go through the metal detector with my sunglasses on top of my head and shiny belt on. What the heck?

I do this over and over again in Atlanta, and they never seem to care. Heck,  I even pack non approved toiletry items and I get by….every time.

However, what annoys  me more than this, is one major security item that is not addressed by the folks who run ATL airport. The issue at hand is that local airline and airport employees can bypass security and go through a “cheese grate” type thing, and go on their way to their jobs. I am all for getting employees through quickly, but bypassing security altogether?

Remember, some of the Heathrow bombers that tried to blow up North America bound jets a few years ago were airport employees. This just makes me a little nervous and wonder if the next attack will come from an aviation employee, right here in Atlanta?

I think there needs to be a consistent policy for all travelers in the US going through security and that every person needs to be scanned, no bypass stunts for employees.

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