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Angry Delta pilot jailed

A Delta Air Lines pilot, Dan Gryder, tried to run over police with his private 1937 vintage DC-3 airplane. The incident happened at the Griffin-Spalding airport, which is 40 miles south of Atlanta.

The incident started when police saw Gryder driving his car on the airport runway. When stopped, they asked him for identification and Gryder gave the officers a fake name. Gryder then went to his airplane and started the engines. By that time, the officers were informed of his real name and asked him to get out of the airplane. Gryder refused, and said to one officer that she better get out of the way, or she would be killed.

Gryder managed to taxi his plane to the runway, but he ran out of gas, and was promptly arrested. Gryder is in jail now with no bail and will be in court today.

As a result, Delta has suspended Gryder’s license and will issue a statement once the court proceedings are over.

So far in the past three weeks we have seen pilots overfly an airport by 150 miles, one show up to work drunk, a plane landed on a taxi-way in Atlanta, and now vintage airplane road rage.

What’s next? Stay tuned…..

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