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Best airlines, in odd places

The old days saw the best airlines in the USA. Pan Am, Braniff, United all had a unique services and brands. Then, when deregulation happened in the U.S., the standard of service fell and , well, we have what we have now; crap.

The torch then passed over to Europe  where the airlines improved service, and now they are some of the best in the world. Back in the 80’s not many people wanted to fly on Air France. Now, they are one of the best carriers in the world. Remember BOAC? They had a lousy, cold English reputation. Then BOAC formed in to British Airways, went private, and became the world envy.

Currently , we see many European carriers struggling. Part of the reason is increased competition from low cost carriers, and some in part due to high labor costs, along with high fuel costs etc. While all of this is taking place, developing nations are improving their standard of air services, and are surpassing many airlines in Europe, USA, and parts of Asia.

Here is a look at some of the best “new” airlines in the world:

1). LAN Group (Chile, Peru, Argentina)- a new fleet of Airbus A320’s and 767’s. High standard of service in both cabins, and very profitable due to lack of competition. Part of OneWorld Alliance.

2). Etihad (UAE)- brand spanking new everything. Probably the best product in all cabins in terms of hardware. Amazing First class and business class product. Adding new destinations right and left.

3). Jet Airways (India)- jet has been around for a while. But when India got richer of the past 10 years, jet grew and went long-haul. They have a good reputation in India and have a new fleet with beds.

4). Qatar Airways (Qatar)-claimed as a five star airline, this new carrier rivals the best. New fleet, cute flight attendants, and ever expanding network. Also, they provide some cheap fares in economy and business.

5). Arik Air (Nigeria)- new airline based in Lagos. The CEO is committed to making it Africa’s #1 airline, and the best in service.We’ve heard things like this before, but this airline deserves a look at.

6). TAM (Brazil)- TAM has been around a while, but they keep getting better. They have a modern fleet, and some of the hottest flight attendants in the air.The service on a typical domestic Brazil flight, surpasses any US flight.

7). Emirates (UAE) -We all know this one.

8). COPA (Panama)- A strong management group, and a focus on product and their Panama City hub, makes this airline really good. Not many people realize they can fly from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires on COPA, while not having to fly on American or the miserable Aerolineas Argentinas.

9). Singapore Airlines (Singapore)/Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)- they have been the best two in customer service for many years., but I had to mention the two. They are cash rich and will continue to dominate the Asian area for many many years.


Emirates bar









Arik Air

  1. November 24, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    this is awesome! i love the photos of the Emirates bar and the Arik Air. Can planes really look like that on the inside?!

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