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CNBC still hot on airline stocks

CNBC keeps noting that airline stocks may be a good buy for 2010. Delta and United were the top two picks and have the potential to increase 50%. They are cautious on Southwest (LUV) due to the fact of increasing ticket prices that will try to absorb non fuel related costs.


Thanks British Airways

Well, it seems like the BA cabin crew will go on strike. I talked about this a month ago stating that the BA cabin crew folks are upset about a 2010 pay freeze, 3,000 full time employees switching to part-time, and a decrease in employees on long-haul flights out of Heathrow.

BA is not taking legal action against the cabin crew union, unite. The proposed 12 day strike will start on December 22 and conveniently disrupt peak holiday travel for BA customers. BA is already taking refunds on tickets and has a battle plan in action, if the strike occurs.

Why is this happening? Well, BA is feeling the pinch of the global economic crisis and since the airline relies on premium, long-haul traffic, they are now having a tough time filling those front end seats. As well, high oil prices and insane labor contracts have hampered this once cash cow airline.

It looks like a strike will happen and BA will lose any shot at making a profit this month and passengers will be ticked.

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Airline stocks still hot

CAL up 35% in the month, DAL up 10% this week. The NYSE ARCA shows an increase of 25.62% This is all attributed to lower fuel costs, lower capacity, and fares staying put. CNBC analysts remain bullish on jetBlue stock and Alaska Air stock. I think airline stocks stink, but the past month shows differently.

introducing…the Skycar

Cool things come out of California. Apple computers, movies, music, surfing, avocados, and skycars. Moller International has created two airplane/car-like devices that can fit in your garage and fly you around town. The Neuera, an off-road style flying saucer, is one option offering from Moller. The other is the Skycar, which is more in line of what we think a car airplane should be. This vehicle gets 20mpg, can cruise at 36,000ft and fly at speeds of up to 360mph. You can launch from your driveway and cross the state line in minutes! The Skycar has a range of 750nm, so you could leave LA after work, and be in Vegas to show of your Skycar on the strip an hour or so later.

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airline stocks are hot

This week, CNBC keeps harping on airline stocks. Personally, I think they are terrible, no matter what the case. But they have increased roughly 6% since Monday and keep climbing. I think some of this is due to lower oil costs right now and a slight uptick in future bookings. Big question remains: will oil stay in the $75-$85 range? Also, it’s great that planes are filling up, but is the yield really that good?

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Take the sting out of travel with Minute Suites!

Today, I tried out the Minute Suites in Atlanta airport at concourse B, gate 15. The folks at Minute Suites gave me a tour and let me try out a room. It was so awesome and beat any airport lounge. I had a couch to myself, free headphones, directv, free wifi, plasma tv, and a blanket. The nice rep at Minute Suites turned on a “sleep mate” device that put me into a sleepy trance. I heard no outside noise and felt so relaxed!

The cost is $30 for the first hour and then $7.50 for each additional 15 minutes. If you travel quite a bit, I think this is one of the best concepts to hit the airport scene in years. Oh, and each room has a name from Atlanta. Cool.

Here are a few pics of the suite.


CNBC keeps talking about United, American, and jetBlue as good stocks right now. I don’t buy it, but they are increasing over the past week. Maybe the airlines got it right, finally?