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Airline stocks still hot

CAL up 35% in the month, DAL up 10% this week. The NYSE ARCA shows an increase of 25.62% This is all attributed to lower fuel costs, lower capacity, and fares staying put. CNBC analysts remain bullish on jetBlue stock and Alaska Air stock. I think airline stocks stink, but the past month shows differently.


Good day for Houston and Continental

Today will mark the new service for Continental’s network expansion out of Houston. The new flights are: Houston-Frankfurt, Houston-Edmonton, and Houston-Washington Dulles. I thought Kellner and Co. would put the 757 on the IAH-FRA route ,joke, but looks like the route has the 767-400 ER and rumors have it as the new lie flat product.

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JP Morgan’s Baker; buy CAL stock

JP Morgan’s Jamie Baker made a claim that Continental’s (CAL) stock will do well and that it is worth considering. Strong management, past stock history, a new fleet, great product, and a potential up-tick in business travel will make this stock worth a look.

Only question is: will oil remain at or below $81? If oil hits $93 plus, forget it. Airline stocks will suffer.

Then again, Jamie Baker makes pretty good predictions.

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