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CNBC still hot on airline stocks

CNBC keeps noting that airline stocks may be a good buy for 2010. Delta and United were the top two picks and have the potential to increase 50%. They are cautious on Southwest (LUV) due to the fact of increasing ticket prices that will try to absorb non fuel related costs.


Airline stocks still hot

CAL up 35% in the month, DAL up 10% this week. The NYSE ARCA shows an increase of 25.62% This is all attributed to lower fuel costs, lower capacity, and fares staying put. CNBC analysts remain bullish on jetBlue stock and Alaska Air stock. I think airline stocks stink, but the past month shows differently.

Angry Delta pilot jailed

A Delta Air Lines pilot, Dan Gryder, tried to run over police with his private 1937 vintage DC-3 airplane. The incident happened at the Griffin-Spalding airport, which is 40 miles south of Atlanta.

The incident started when police saw Gryder driving his car on the airport runway. When stopped, they asked him for identification and Gryder gave the officers a fake name. Gryder then went to his airplane and started the engines. By that time, the officers were informed of his real name and asked him to get out of the airplane. Gryder refused, and said to one officer that she better get out of the way, or she would be killed.

Gryder managed to taxi his plane to the runway, but he ran out of gas, and was promptly arrested. Gryder is in jail now with no bail and will be in court today.

As a result, Delta has suspended Gryder’s license and will issue a statement once the court proceedings are over.

So far in the past three weeks we have seen pilots overfly an airport by 150 miles, one show up to work drunk, a plane landed on a taxi-way in Atlanta, and now vintage airplane road rage.

What’s next? Stay tuned…..

Picture 3



Live from Delta Flight 110

I am currently over Mississippi, with about 3 hrs and 50 minutes left to LAX. The gogo wifi is awesome and all you have to do is put in the promotion code DELTATRYGOGO , and your wifi is free. It only works per email account, so if you have many, like me, you can try the free wifi for a long time.

Delta will provide free wifi on Thanksgiving, but it’s pointless since you can do the promo code instead.

Here are a few pics from the wide openĀ  flight.


wide open


tv works!


clear day



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Free airplane wifi mania

November 5, 2009 1 comment

Delta allowed customers on Halloween free gogo wifi on their flights. Now, they are handing out vouchers for free gogo wifi. Other airlines are doing the same and the best deal comes from Virgin America and Google, where the wifi is free for the rest of the year; no promo cards needed.

I tried the wifi, and it works really well. However, I was unable to operate my slingbox tv. So when it comes to the ultimate internet experience, I think gogo falls short. When it comes to general internet, it rocks!

I wonder if Row44 on Southwest offers better connection speeds?


free wifi card

wifi promo code


Halifax Airport!

I made it to Halifax on Comair from Boston. Despite the rainy, cold weather, the airport is quite cool. I am thinking about buying some lobsters to eat for a late lunch and you can’t beat the free wifi at the airport. The airport resembles small U.S. airport like Palm Beach and there are your usual shops and restaurants.

Customs was a bit brutal; they asked me to step aside and I was grilled with about 20 questions. I noticed the repeat questions, so they were trying to trip me up. I was a little ticked, since I have a tucked in golf shirt and look like some prep, not some freak. Maybe they thought traveling to Halifax for a day with no bags is insane?!

Below are a few pics: enjoy!

Boston boarding

boarding my crj


Delta terminal Boston


no leg room on the CRJ


Halifax airport


Buy a lobster, they pack it


Porter Airlines goes to YHZ

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Air fare sales, London Heathrow, Dubai cursing rage

I will be quick since I am hitting the airlines today to PHL.

AirTran and Southwest are reducing fares by $25 for travel between now and through the winter. Blackout dates apply, but it’s a good sign that lower fares are to stay for a while. Watch for competitors to match. Maybe Delta?

London Heathrow was voted as the crappiest airport in the world.

An Australian man who cursed out an undercover cop at Dubai Int’l airport is in custody in Dubai. He most likely will get a slap on the wrist and can’t return to Dubai for three years, but some reports say he could be facing jail time.