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OpenAir expands operations

With the closing of SatsAir, a similar air taxi operator is moving in to fill the void. D.C. based OpenAir, a low-cost, private airplane company, decided to move southbound in order to expand market share.

OpenAir operates Cirrus SR-22 aircraft, that come equipped with a parachute system. Each aircraft is fitted with luxury leather, fly-by-wire controls, low operating costs, and satellite radio. Since the aircraft has low operating costs, the consumer will benefit in the way of lower fares.

OpenAir makes sense when flying on multiple leg journeys in a short period of time. There are some issues, such as, limited range and the fact that the Cirrus is a small airplane; about the size of your car. But the concept works if your time is precious and you want to fly to many destinations.

Picture 1

Cirrus SR-22


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