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LCC Baltimore-Boston turf war

What is with the frequency and air fare war in the Baltimore-Boston route? This week, on a peak day, AirTran offers 9 departures, Southwest offers 5, and jetBlue offers 4. jetBlue recently announced they will increase their daily departures in the future.

The airfares are very low. A recent glance at jetBlue’s fare in December, shows $39 for a one-way ticket. Obviously, the three carriers are not covering their costs and will lose money, on such low fares and over capacity. It seems insane that a turf war is brewing on such a low yield market. Why doesn’t jetBlue dig into Boston-Newark and give Continental a run for their money? Why does AirTran have that 9:05pm departure out of Baltimore to Boston?

The good thing is that the consumer wins and can make that last minute, on the whim trip doable. With fares under $100 bucks round trip in some cases, why wouldn’t you grab a clam chowder or visit the Baltimore aquarium for a day trip?