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Alaska Air CEO, Bill Ayer, on CNBC

Alaska Air CEO, Billy Ayer, spoke to CNBC regarding the modest profit the carrier made. Ayer stressed that leisure traffic was and will be a big part of the business model, namely to resort destinations, like Mexico and Hawaii. Since other carriers have reduced capacity to Hawaii, Alaska Air plans to increase serve to the Hawaiian islands to fill that void; especially from northern California. He went on to say that the focus remains on keeping costs low, and providing a service that the customers want.

He did not touch on the new expanded partnership with Delta and what that may look like for the future. I am sure Delta would like to own a chunk of Alaska Air and make the profitable Seattle a future hub.

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Profits for jetBlue and Alaska, Red alert for US Airways and Delta

No surprise that jetBlue and Alaska Airlines made money during the 3rd quarter and larger network carriers lost money. It looks like Delta and US Airways  have a way to go in order to make future profits, but industry executives remain cautiously positive that recovery will return sometime in 2010.