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Stuck thanks to our ATC system

It was my goal to to get from Norfolk, VA to Madrid, Spain last night. I got on the airplane in Norfolk, and waited 15 minutes on the tarmac because JFK has traffic congestion; even though the weather was fine. The flight was due to leave Norfolk at 540pm, we left at 605pm. The captain said it would only take an hour, so that would still get us to JFK on time. No big deal. Phew.

We landed at JFK ahead of schedule at 705pm. Cool, I thought, I will have an hour to connect to my Madrid flight. Well, thanks to the retarded logistical nightmare operation the airline I flew on has at JFK, we waited for a gate for 50 minutes. Thus, I missed my flight to Spain.

Now, I am stuck in the northeast because of the ATC meltdown this morning. Plus, the weather is bad, so the out dated system can’t handle heavy volume in the bad weather. As a result, I plan to sit here until tomorrow. Good times.

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