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Thanks British Airways

Well, it seems like the BA cabin crew will go on strike. I talked about this a month ago stating that the BA cabin crew folks are upset about a 2010 pay freeze, 3,000 full time employees switching to part-time, and a decrease in employees on long-haul flights out of Heathrow.

BA is not taking legal action against the cabin crew union, unite. The proposed 12 day strike will start on December 22 and conveniently disrupt peak holiday travel for BA customers. BA is already taking refunds on tickets and has a battle plan in action, if the strike occurs.

Why is this happening? Well, BA is feeling the pinch of the global economic crisis and since the airline relies on premium, long-haul traffic, they are now having a tough time filling those front end seats. As well, high oil prices and insane labor contracts have hampered this once cash cow airline.

It looks like a strike will happen and BA will lose any shot at making a profit this month and passengers will be ticked.

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