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CNBC still hot on airline stocks

CNBC keeps noting that airline stocks may be a good buy for 2010. Delta and United were the top two picks and have the potential to increase 50%. They are cautious on Southwest (LUV) due to the fact of increasing ticket prices that will try to absorb non fuel related costs.


Airline stocks still hot

CAL up 35% in the month, DAL up 10% this week. The NYSE ARCA shows an increase of 25.62% This is all attributed to lower fuel costs, lower capacity, and fares staying put. CNBC analysts remain bullish on jetBlue stock and Alaska Air stock. I think airline stocks stink, but the past month shows differently.

airline stocks are hot

This week, CNBC keeps harping on airline stocks. Personally, I think they are terrible, no matter what the case. But they have increased roughly 6% since Monday and keep climbing. I think some of this is due to lower oil costs right now and a slight uptick in future bookings. Big question remains: will oil stay in the $75-$85 range? Also, it’s great that planes are filling up, but is the yield really that good?

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CNBC keeps talking about United, American, and jetBlue as good stocks right now. I don’t buy it, but they are increasing over the past week. Maybe the airlines got it right, finally?



CNBC reporting BA/Iberia merger talks

November 12, 2009 1 comment

The BA and IB boards are conducting separate meetings regarding a full merger between the carriers. A merger would create the world’s third largest airline, by revenue. It would also give both carriers more ground to compete with the Air Frane/KLM team and Lufthansa.

While management at both carriers remains focused on a potential merger, the flight attendants at the airlines may strike this holiday season. That could throw a wrench into the merger plans, on a short term basis.



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Alaska Air CEO, Bill Ayer, on CNBC

Alaska Air CEO, Billy Ayer, spoke to CNBC regarding the modest profit the carrier made. Ayer stressed that leisure traffic was and will be a big part of the business model, namely to resort destinations, like Mexico and Hawaii. Since other carriers have reduced capacity to Hawaii, Alaska Air plans to increase serve to the Hawaiian islands to fill that void; especially from northern California. He went on to say that the focus remains on keeping costs low, and providing a service that the customers want.

He did not touch on the new expanded partnership with Delta and what that may look like for the future. I am sure Delta would like to own a chunk of Alaska Air and make the profitable Seattle a future hub.

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