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Halifax Airport!

I made it to Halifax on Comair from Boston. Despite the rainy, cold weather, the airport is quite cool. I am thinking about buying some lobsters to eat for a late lunch and you can’t beat the free wifi at the airport. The airport resembles small U.S. airport like Palm Beach and there are your usual shops and restaurants.

Customs was a bit brutal; they asked me to step aside and I was grilled with about 20 questions. I noticed the repeat questions, so they were trying to trip me up. I was a little ticked, since I have a tucked in golf shirt and look like some prep, not some freak. Maybe they thought traveling to Halifax for a day with no bags is insane?!

Below are a few pics: enjoy!

Boston boarding

boarding my crj


Delta terminal Boston


no leg room on the CRJ


Halifax airport


Buy a lobster, they pack it


Porter Airlines goes to YHZ

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