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Take the sting out of travel with Minute Suites!

Today, I tried out the Minute Suites in Atlanta airport at concourse B, gate 15. The folks at Minute Suites gave me a tour and let me try out a room. It was so awesome and beat any airport lounge. I had a couch to myself, free headphones, directv, free wifi, plasma tv, and a blanket. The nice rep at Minute Suites turned on a “sleep mate” device that put me into a sleepy trance. I heard no outside noise and felt so relaxed!

The cost is $30 for the first hour and then $7.50 for each additional 15 minutes. If you travel quite a bit, I think this is one of the best concepts to hit the airport scene in years. Oh, and each room has a name from Atlanta. Cool.

Here are a few pics of the suite.